Fluorescent Versus LED Lighting For Growing High CBD Producing Plants Inside Grow Kits

If you are going to be using grow lights for your plants, you need to know which would be the best to get. There are a number of options available when you look at grow lights with LED and fluorescent being 2 of them. However, you might wonder which of these lights is better and to determine this you have to consider a number of points.

The Design And Engineering

Understanding how the lights you use work is important. Fluorescent lights will pass electricity through a tube of gas which contains mercury. The mercury atoms are excited by the electricity and produce ultraviolet light. The UV light will react with phosphors which have been placed in the inner coating of the tube. It is this reaction which causes the visible light and the invisible light colors.

LED lights will run electricity through a small and solid semiconductor which glows at specific wavelengths. It is possible to get full spectrum LED lights which use a number of different diodes to emit light at different wavelengths. These grow lights will be considered the best.

The Light Color

When you look at grow lights, you need to consider the color of the light as this plays a major role in how well your plants will grow. Plants use different wavelengths for different purposes. Fluorescent lights will replicate natural light with different phosphors and LED lights will provide precise wavelengths. Fluorescent lights will also produce primarily green and yellow light which looks white to humans, but is not often used by plants.

The Durability

The durability of the grow lights you use needs to be considered. There is no point in having grow lights that you constantly replace as this will decrease their cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Fluorescent lights are made with a thin glass and are generally larger than LED lights. This makes them more fragile and bulky.

LED lights are generally smaller and made in a more solid way. If there is any rough handling of LED lights, they are less likely to break when compared to fluorescents. LED lights also last longer than fluorescents and testing has shown that this is between 6 to 20 times longer.

The Noise And Heat Output

While noise is not something that people generally consider when looking at grow lights, if you are going to be around the lights you have to consider this. Fluorescent lights will start to flicker and emit a buzzing noise as they lose their power. LED lights are silent and will not start to buzz as they age.

Fluorescent lights actually produce less heat waste when compared to many types of grow lights. However, this will generate more heat than LED lights. This means that fluorescent grow lights will need to be ventilated more and monitored to ensure that the heat does not burn the leaves of the plant.

The Costs Of The Grow Lights

When you look at any grow light setup, you will need to have a budget in mind. When comparing fluorescent lights and LED lights, you will notice that the fluorescent grow lights do cost less than the LED’s. However, the initial costs should not be the only costs that you look at. Typically, they are cheaper when you buy them in a kit, see here, http://www.greendepotdenver.com

You should also consider the energy efficiency of the grow lights and how often you will need to replace them. LED’s will use less electricity and they will last longer which places their operating costs below fluorescent lights.

When you compare fluorescent grow lights with LED grow lights, you need to consider a number of points. The light colors provided will play a role in how well your plants grow as will the amount of heat emitted.